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For those who care what their food tastes like...

We are pleased to offer whole and half hogs to our local customers. This option allows you to customize the butchery and smoking to your exact specifications. Like you pork chops thick? Like really thick? No problem. Do you like Maple smoked bacon or 1# pieces of fresh belly that you can braise or smoke? No problem. Customize sausages to your liking, choose from Italian, German, Chorizo, Breakfast, Traditional Bratwurst, Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst, and choose to have them packaged in a 1# bulk package or in casings. Cure, smoke and slice hams into 1# packages so you can make your kids the best ham sandwich the school cafeteria has ever seen. 

Click here to view our processor's custom pork processing form.

Whole / half hogs are priced on hanging weight. Hanging weight for a whole hogs can range from 160-190 pounds. Buyer pays $5.00 per pound on the hanging weight, and then buyer pays butcher directly for cutting, wrapping, and smoking. Hogs are processed the first or second Tuesday of each month and the packaged pork is ready for pick-up at the processor in Evans, CO (approx. 40 mins Northeast of Longmont) the following week. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns but be prepared we might talk your ear off, this is our passion.

We come by this work honestly. Carina's father is a cattle rancher, and her grandfather raised and butchered hogs well into his 80s. John's great grandfather Pasquale, 22-year old butcher from Naples, Italy legally immigrated to the United States with his wife and five children in 1903. We feel proud to continue this tradition of providing our community with the highest quality meats possible.  

Thanks for looking! We look forward to earning and retaining your business!