We are a mom and pop ranch specializing in heritage breed pork. 

We are a farrow-to-finish swine ranch located in Boulder County focused on soil conservation and animal welfare. We raise slow-growing heritage breeds such as Mangalitsa, Berkshire, Red Wattle and Duroc which yield deliciously flavorful, nutritious meat. These are not the pink pigs that you see crammed into buildings suspended over a pit of manure. These are gorgeous creatures with bristly, wooly, camouflaged coats, giant tusks, and floppy ears. These kinds of breeds do not perform well in confined stressful environments, but rather thrive foraging on sustainably managed pasture beneath the crystal blue Colorado sky. 

We strive to sell our pork to customers as close to the ranch as possible. We aim to serve families who care about what their food tastes like, and who want to see the tradition of agriculture evolve in a mindful, sustainable fashion in their community. 






Unincorporated Boulder County, Colorado



Hours /Location

Saturday Longmont Farmers Market 8am - 1pm